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It is an uninterrupted service to assist the navigator, available in areas where difficulties to the free and safe transit of ships are present.
And, what areas are these?
They are places close to land, where navigation is carried out in the vicinity of dangers and regional traffic, subject to a wide range of extremely variable local conditions such as: winds, state of the sea, tides, currents, and restricted visibility among others.

A pilot directs and controls the course of a vessel next to the shore, or in inshore waters unknown by the shipmaster, or advises the command. Usually, the pilot is a mariner that knows the waters where he acts, and has special skills to work with boats. A pilot integrates the depth with the geography of the location, the climate and information on the transit of boats so that a vessel may pass with safety.

It is important to point out that the shipmaster is the responsible for the safety of the boat, and also for the actions of the pilot.
Foto: Geraldo Almeida
Navegantes Wharf

Foto: Geraldo Almeida
Junco Channel

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