The city of Pelotas, one of the major economic centers in the State, has always used the transportation on waterways through the Sangradouro of São Gonçalo with the purpose of commercial interchange.

Meeting the demands of the economic areas and according to its political-administrative orientation, the Government of the State, supported by the Decree no 18,553, dated of December 31st, 1928, took the necessary steps for the construction of port facilities in the city.

Based on a project supplied by the State, but modified by the proponent, on October 5th,1933, it was signed an agreement with Costa & Boegh company for the construction of the port. The work costs amounted to R$ 4, 892,346,000, and the project was approved by the Decree no 1,410, dated of January 22nd,1937.

Management faults led the contractor to bankruptcy on November 28th, 1936.

Due to the bankruptcy, the agreement was terminated on the 6th of February 1937. The work started to be executed with the direct administration of the state. For that it was created a Committee of Works for the Port of Pelotas.

On June 24th 1939, through the Administrative Rule no. 302 of the Ministry of Ways and Public Works, the exploration of the concluded facilities was authorized in a regimen of "private pier".

A series of accidents with the wharf caissons obliged the state to hire, on May 11th 1942, Grüen & Bilfinger company to make a new project for the wharf that should be built in front of the existing one. This project was approved by the Administrative Rule no. 696, dated of August 6th, 1948 and issued by the Ministry of Ways and Public works.

On January 17th 1945, the Port Administration, created on February 21st 1940 by the State Decree 29, occupied the private piers in operation, and consolidated the port operations.

In 1951, the State opened a public bid for the execution of the new project, which was granted to the National Construction Company on December 26th,1951. The works were officially started on February 1st 1952, and interrupted in 1958.

In 1970, the Port Administration concluded the works that, in 1951, were taken on by the State Department of Ports, Rivers and Channels, which, up to that date, was subordinated to the Secretariat of Finance.
Foto: Geraldo Almeida
Port of Pelotas

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