The evolution basin of the port of Porto Alegre is comprised by two deeper areas, connected by the channel of Navegantes, about 700m. long, parallel to the wharf.

The first bordering area from A-7 to B-3 warehouses of Mauá wharf is around 1.461m long and a width ranging from 500m to 400m. Its depth referred to the hydrographic zero ranges from 5.50m to 11.00m. These depths are natural, and do not require any maintenance as dragging. A regular cleaning at the exit area of the pluvial manholes is enough.

The opening of Navegantes channel resulted from the need of connecting Mauá and Navegantes wharves. Its beginning is in front of B-2 warehouse and it extends up to the beginning of the alignment perpendicular to Navegantes wharf, at C-6 warehouse. The extreme embankment is 250m away from the wharf parameter. Its average width is 80m, and the normal depth is 7.0m. The channel cuts a region among basins with depths that oscillate around 9.50m.

The second area begins at C-6 Warehouse and extends to Getulio Vargas passage (where Marcilio Dias sanitation wharf starts), and is about 2.900m long with a width ranging from 300m to 200m, and minimum depth of 6.50m. In this area there are basin gullies originated from drags, with depths of up to 15.00m, resultant from the removal of material to be used at Navegantes wharf embankment.

The basin bordering Marcílio Dias wharf is around 1,100m, with a width ranging from 200m to 130m. It has irregular, decreasing depths, reaching 2.00m, and there one can find a lane for nautical sports.
Foto: Geraldo Almeida
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Foto: Geraldo Almeida
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